Resources For the Blind and Visually-Impaired

The Telesensory Chroma PLUS

  • A closed circuit TV system that magnifies anything you want to read or write.
  • Read mail and pay bills in privacy.
  • Read newspapers and magazines, write letters and checks.
  • Read medicine bottles.
  • Enjoy photo albums.
The Library also has Large Print Books, audiobooks on CD, and downloadable audiobooks. 

Large Print Books:  Finding it difficult to read the fine print?  Our collection of adult large print books makes reading “easy on the eyes” with print several sizes larger than regular print.  The collection offers a variety of large print books to satisfy all reading tastes.  Bestseller fiction, romances, mysteries, westerns and suspense books are available, as well as a number of nonfiction books and biographies.  Browse the collection or search on our computer for specific titles.  “Large Print” will be indicated in the computer entry for individual titles.  Large print can bring joy and comfort back into reading. 

The Braille Institute of Los Angeles offers many services for the visually-impaired, including audiobooks, newspaper/magazine reading services, and descriptive videos.