The Redondo Beach Public Library

The Redondo Beach Public Library accepts donations of physical materials during operational hours. Materials must be clean and in good condition.

We can use: Popular fiction, classic fiction, new nonfiction, biographies, paperbacks in very good shape, and children's books.  

We can't use: Textbooks, old computer books, old travel books, old medical books, old encyclopedias, VHS videos, vinyl LPs, audiobooks on tape, music audiocassettes, or any materials that are dirty, smelly, moldy, underlined, highlighted, falling apart, water-damaged, yellowing, or incomplete.

All donations must be given without restrictions.  There is no guarantee that donations will be added to the Library's collections, and any materials not used by the Library will not be returned to the donor.  Library staff will provide a written, itemized receipt of the materials donated, but cannot give a declared value of the donation.

Please bring materials that you wish to donate to the Checkout Desk at the Main Library or the North Branch Library during our regular business hours. 

The Friends of the Redondo Beach Public Library

The Friends of the Redondo Beach Public Library is a non-profit  organization 501(c)3 whose aim is to support the needs of the Main and North Branches of the Redondo Beach Public Library. The Friends accept physical material donations and monetary donations. For more information, please visit their website or call the Friends of the Library Bookstore during operational hours at  (310) 318-0675 , ext 6).