About Us


The City of Redondo Beach established its first library in 1895 as a sailors' reading room in a donated building on Wharf No. 1.  Over the years, the success of the services provided by the Library and community support has developed a contemporary and enriched library system.  There are two library locations in the City:  The Main Library, located in the Civic Center complex; and the North Branch Library, located on Artesia Boulevard.  The Library is comprised of 13 full-time employees and approximately 45 part-time employees.  The annual budget is $4,140,094 with additional financial support provided by The Friends of the Redondo Beach Public Library and the Redondo Beach Library Foundation.  The Library's collection of over 200,000 items includes a broad selection of print, audiovisual and digital resources including eBooks, downloadable audiobooks and magazines, streaming video, online databases, and DVDs.


Redondo Beach Public Library provides services and materials in a welcoming atmosphere to meet the information, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of all Library users. 

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Redondo Beach Public Library receives financial support and volunteer services from The Friends of the Redondo Beach Public Library.  The Library Commission of Redondo Beach is an advisory committee that assists Library management in planning a program for the development, extension and improvement of library facilities in the City, as well as other duties from time to time as assigned by the Redondo Beach City Council.

Student_Laptop_128Volunteer at the Library: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Library, please fill out this application from the city's Human Resources Department.