The Redondo Beach Public Library offers a range of materials, services, and programs for children and teens.

The collections at the Main and North Branch Libraries for children and teens include books, audio books, and DVDs shelved in dedicated areas. E-books and e-audio books for children and teens are available through the Library’s website here.

At the Main and North Branch Libraries, our Children’s sections include:  

  • Play area
  • Picture book area
  • Study tables
  • Magazines 
At the Main Library, our Teen Zone (designated as TEENS ONLY from 3pm – 6pm on weekdays during the school year) includes: 

  • Teen Reading Zone with teen-friendly lounge furniture
  • Study carrels and tables
  • Charging jacks for phones and/or laptops.
Librarians are on duty in the Children’s Section of the Main Library during business hours. Among the different services offered to children, teens, parents, and teachers are:

  • Assistance in locating materials and other resources to complete school assignments and questions. But beware! It’s not the librarian’s job to do students’ homework for them!
  • Hosting class visits to the Library. Interested teachers should contact Helaire Hamilton Mitchell, Youth Services Librarian, at 310-318-0676 ext. 2576 to make arrangements for visits to either Library.
  • Offering crafts and other special programs. Please see the Calendar for programs.